Robert Cheshire, Sensei has been studying martial arts for over 35 years. He has specialized in a combination of Yoseikan Budo and Gyokushin Ryu Aikido since 1994. He was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 2000, Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in 2004, Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in 2014, and Yondan (4th degree black belt) in 2017. He has trained extensively with the Director of the United States Yoseikan Budo Association, Glenn Pack, Shihan and Ms. Patricia Saiz, Shihan. He has also trained in a group and privately with Master Hiroo Mochizuki the son of our style’s creator and Mitchi Mochizuki the grandson of our style’s creator. He will be going to Japan this year to train under the direction of Terumi Washizu, the Grandmaster of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido.